Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fancy Meeting You Here...

Nate appeared briefly in Monday's Concord Monitor in a segment they like to call "5 Questions."

Somewhere in the city limits of Concord; a man by the name of Greg Albert sat at home with a bit of surprise when he read of our journey to come. Why you ask? Because it turns out that Greg has his own challenge before him. The same weekend as our Cross State Run (October 18-19), Greg plans to run 48 Miles in 48 Hours from Concord, NH to Groton, MA. Not quite the same scope distance wise... but within the same bounds of what we are trying to accomplish with our run, Greg contacted me.

So.. Greg is running the 48 miles in 48 hours on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Please visit his site and lend him some words of encouragement. 1.) Because its a nice thing to do and 2.) Because this guys is doing exactly what I want our run across the state to accomplish. He is getting out the door and searching for his own "Human Potential." While Greg worries his idea may not be "crazy enough," it is a step towards discovering more about himself. Heck, someday I hope Greg finds himself in the land of Ultramarathons, pushing the limits and finding out that what is impossible was never really impossible at all.

So if OUR run of 124 miles, in one shot, without sleep, across the great State of NH is a bit too intimidating for you to even consider participating in for even a few miles. GET OUT AND HELP GREG! He is doing another amazing adventure for amazing people like you, me and our loved ones. LEFT RIGHT REPEAT!

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Mike said...

Best of luck guys! I love hearing about people using sport to benefit good causes. As for the peach fuzz growing on John's face - I have that same I got a tattoo to make up for my facial hair deficiencies.

Congrats & Good Luck