Friday, September 19, 2008

Forrest Gump

Things are coming along greatly for the Run Across NH next month. Various business's and non-profits are coming together to help our cause in raising money for The Make-A-Wish Foundation of NH. While the run has turned into a fundraiser, I am most excited about the experience. I've always wanted to experience NH in a unique way, on foot, close to the land and its people. Its important to me. In any case; here is an update to fill everyone in as to what we're currently cooking up for the run.

We are working with "The Hawk" FM Radio Station and Eastern Mountain Sports to try to bring you guys a wonderful family experience the weekend of our run as Concord awaits our arrival. The EMS location in Concord is just past half way in our cross state adventure and we want to celebrate the halfway mark with all of you. So stay tuned as these things are finalized.

We will be finshing our run at The Seacoast Science Center in NH's very own Ordiorne Point State Park. Park admission on Sunday (10/19) is going to be FREE and the Seacoast Science Center is going to open its doors Free of Charge to Make-A-Wish Families. You can find out more info about the SSC by clicking HERE. It really is a gorgeous location and I can't wait to get there to end our run. We hope many of you will come help support the SSC and help us celebrate the first Cross State Run in NH History.

Training is going much better now that my Iron pills are kicking in to quell the effects of Anemia. Doctors appointments are not over but I feel much better and am hopeful. The Vermont 50 is next weekend (9/28) in Vermont and its one of my favorite races; one that I look forward too all year. 50 Miles in the mountains of Vermont is going to be a great last long run as we head into our 124 mile adventure.

For those who remember the movie Forrest Gump, I've decided to try my luck at growing a beard for this adventure. It's actually a pretty sad looking process and it definately is not what I am used to. But I also like not havign to shave. Every morning in the shower I reach for the razor only to leave it in place. So my plan is to hopefully make it to October 20th without shaving. October 20th is my 27th birthday and the first day after what I hope is one amazing journey. And I guess if I shave it off or not will depend on what I get out of this great adventure. I'm sure it won't get as long as Forrest's but it'll be funny none-the-less.

Below is a movie I like because it answers those same repetitive questions Nate and I hear a lot: "so what do you eat? What if you have to pee?" Forrest can answer for us nicely.

So.. I'm taking my peach-fuzz and going to continue to prepare for the Vermont 50, and this first continuous crossing of NH on foot. Hope to see you all out there!

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