Monday, September 22, 2008

Anterior tibial tendonitis

In an earlier post I explained that I am having some ankle pain that doesn't seem to want to go away. I decided to see my favorite Physical Therapist, Brian Verville (Granite State Physical Therapy). A year ago Brian fixed my Plantar Fasciitis on my right foot. This was a great help as it had bothered me for over a year and sometimes the pain felt like a nail was being driven into my heel. Not fun...

Brian diagnosed me with Anterior Tibial Tendonitis. This is another common problem for runners, espcially runners who pronate like me. I suppose running all these miles doesn't help, but there is no way that I am going to stop so something else has to be done. Brian has been giving me "Iontophoresis" treatments which is doing wonders. This is a neat treatement that involves a sticky pad that gets saturated in an anti-inflamitory liquid then attached to a electronic device. This device puts electricity into the area that is inflammed and drives the medicine into the area. It hurts a little bit, sort of like getting a tattoo, but not that bad. Brian also does some ankle manipulation to try to stretch out the tendons.

Both of these problems are caused by my incredible lack of flexibility. Tight calfs and pronation are not a good combination. I have been thinking about taking a Yoga class, but I am afraid as I can barely touch my toes.

I go back for two more treatments this week and I am going to put it to the test this weekend at the Vermont 50, a 50 mile race through the mountains of Vermont. Lets hope it holds up!

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