Sunday, September 7, 2008

24 Miles hurt, whats another 100 going to do to me?

This morning I slept in late (8:00) and then gathered up my gear for a 26 mile run. I ran 10 miles on Thursday and another 10 yesterday and have been feeling pretty strong. I really tried not to run to fast, but just have a nice day of sightseeing. I put two of my usual routes together which have a ton of hills and just took my time. The weather was beautiful and I was thankfull that I didn't have to run in a downpour like I did Thursday. I'm not ready to run in my basement on the treadmill yet. I'll be doing enough of that this winter and want to wait as long as possible before I have to endure that boredom.

Tweleve miles into the run I was feeling great and stopped at "The Beanstalk" on Rt 106 in Loudon. I said hi to my former neighbor Russ, the owner (I used to own the building next door when my motorcycle shop, National Powersports was in Loudon) and filled up my bottles. I took off through Canterbury into even more steep hills. About 15 miles into the run my right ankle started to really hurt. I have been having this problem off and on since I raced a 53 mile race with extremely steep hills in Pittsfield VT and it seems to hurt worse when I run on the pavement. I did my best to get around it and still maintained a pretty good pace (24 miles in 3 hours 33 minutes) but it is really getting into my head how difficult it is going to be to run this long on the pavement. If it was off road I wouldn't be worried as much.

I'm going to go to my PT and see if I can find out what I can do to get it stronger. I'll post here as soon as I know more info. In the meantime, it is time to get ready for this weekends race, a 50k (31 miles) in Chesterfield NH. This will be in the area that the run is going to start so John and I are going to scope out part of our path.

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