Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Far IS 124 Miles?

Trust us, it's pretty darn far. As Nate mentions below, physically we know we can run the distance; but its the sheer mental capacity that is truly needed to meet our goals. Determination and sheer will power can get you pretty far on the road.. but its motivation and fortitude we will look towards. The children of Make-A-Wish New Hampshire are motivation enough; and fortidue I know I have from my experiences in long distance running.

I've run races in New Hampshire, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Virginia, Illinois, Wyoming and Vermont. Running has shown me many wonderful places, and brought me closer to various peoples, their local cultures and landscapes. This is why I run. And I run to give others hope.. that they too can get up off the couch, put down a cigarette or a drink and change their lives forever. Running is a great way to escape.. to release.. to believe in yourself once again. And as we bring the chance at granting wishes to our state's children, we also strive to empower the people of the Granite State to get moving and do something good for not only yourself but for others.

People always say to "Leave the world a better plan then when you found it." What are you doing to make this happen? You can;t change the world until you learn to change yourself. Its in you.. all you need to do is believe in YOURSELF and the rest will follow. I believe in you... all of you.. no matter where you are. And I hope next month, you'll come to New Hampshire, you'll hit the roads.. and show us that seeing is believing and doing is forever.

Having visited so many wonderful places in my travels, I always thought about "what if" I ran across NH. I've been toying with the idea for some time now. Then I learned that a friend of mine ran across Long Island (lengthwise) on behalf of a charitable cause. I knew that if he could do it.. then I should do it. I ran the idea past many friends and Nate is the only one who accepted the challenge. With his drive to raise money fo an amazing cause, we chose to combine our passions and go the distance.

Just how far is 124 miles?
For those who regularly travel I-93. 124 miles is from the Mass/NH Border - Northbound to Littleton, NH
Its Boston City Hall to somewhere shy of Waterbury, CT... yes... South of Hartford, CT. Boston City Hall to Hartford City Hall is only 100 Miles... think of that for a minute.

124 Miles is Five Marathons (26.2 Miles) back to back
124 Miles is Nine Half Marathons (13.1 Miles) plus a 10K back to back
124 Miles is Twenty 10K (6.2 Miles) races back to back
124 Miles is Forty 5K (3.15 Miles) races back to back

124 Miles is the Connecticut River in Chesterfield, NH to the Atlantic Ocean across New Hampshires storied countryside, where its people are as resilient as the granite that shapes the land. Yes.. 124 miles is a long way. And we'll enjoy every step we take. See you there!

~Sherpa John

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