Friday, October 2, 2009

RANH - 2009 Route

The 2009 Run Across New Hampshire will follow the same route from the 2008 Edition.
For better viewing, I have broken the run up into separate legs.
Each leg is roughly 30 miles long and has all of our aid station locations marking on them.
The locations of the stations are approximate.. but all in all I've pinned it down pretty dang close.
For those of you who have been wondering what our exact route is, when we plan to stop etc.. wonder no more.

Below we have provided links to our route broken down into 4 legs. Remember.. we're not running 4 separate legs across NH. We are both running 124 miles from beginning to end around the clock. I have broken the run into 4 legs so that it is more easily viewed by you (and us) and perhaps a little easier on the brain.

Here is it:(Click on the leg link!)
RANH LEG 1: Miles 0-30
RANH LEG 2: Miles 30-60
RANH LEG 3: Miles 60-90
RANH LEG 4: Miles 90-124

Miles: 124.38
Elevation Gain: +6,952 ft.
Elevation Loss: -7,145 ft.
Elevation Change: 14,097 ft.
100% Asphalt

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