Friday, October 3, 2008

RANH Leg 2

RANH Leg 2
Stoddard, NH to Hopkinton, NH
Miles: 30-60
Elevation Gain: +1,248 ft.
Elevation Loss: -2,089 ft.
Elevation Change: 3,337 ft.
Net Run Gain: +4,219 ft.
Net Run Loss: -3,931 ft.
Net Run Change: 8,150 ft.

Aid Stations: 5
Rest Area: 34.6 mi
N. Antrim FD: 38.6 mi
Hillsborough: 44 mi
Amey Brook Park: 51.4 mi
I-89 Underpass: 58.6 mi

RANH Leg 2 Miles 30-60 Stoddard, NH to Hopkinton, NH 2 Planned route changes off of US Route 9. We plan to run through downtown Hillsborough on Old Route 9. Then we plan to get off of 9 again through Henniker where well run through Downtown (Maple to Main) 5 Aid Stations

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