Friday, October 10, 2008

One week left!

So, we are down to the last week before the big adventure. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous, but I am also super excited. This is the typical pattern I go through any time I am going to be running longer than I ever have before. I felt this way for my first marathon, my first 50k, my first 50 miler and I felt it in a big way before my first 100 miler. It is really important to get your head strait before you tackle something like this. I keep going between super confident and terrified. The real trick is to visualize success. If you can't picture something in your "minds eye" then you will have a really hard time doing it. I have found that getting your head ready isn't something that just happens. I have to work on it the same way that I prepare my physical body. It takes time and a deliberate effort. There is a saying in the Ultra world that you run the first 50 miles of a 100 mile race with your body and the second 50 with your mind. I'm not sure what they say about running 124 miles of pavement....

On another note. I have talked with quite a few people that admitted that they were a bit intimidated to come out and run with us. They thought that we are going to be running to fast for them. Please, please, please come out and run with us. Even if you don't run regularly. Even if you are slow. Even if you are really, really, REALLY slow. John and I are not racing this thing. We don't care what pace we go and company will really help us make it through. If you think that we are going to run like what you saw in the Olympics you are in for a big surprise. We don't look like that. We look like two buddies clowning around and having a good time.

If you like to see what two exhausted people who have destroyed their bodies looks like, then by all means please join us for the last couple miles!

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